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Les entreprises et des organismes réunis dans ce livre innovent et contribuent à leur manière à la vitalité incroyable de ces écosystèmes. Les autorités publiques doivent aussi se montrer innovantes.

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La ville et la région de Montréal ressortent du lot à cet égard, comme en fait preuve cet ouvrage. Energy, transport and health care, to name but the main ones, are now following in the footsteps of IT. The firms and organisations featured in this book innovate in their respective ways and thereby contribute to the amazing vitality of these ecosystems. We feel that we are lurching into the unknown because of the fluidity inherent in these ecosystems: before we know it, an invention is adopted and thus an element in the ecosystem is replaced or renewed, and then comes the next innovation, and the next one, seemingly at random.

In fact, we are leaving a more managed innovation model, such as ruled over most of the 20th century, and we are going back to a more spontaneous innovation space, as it prevailed more than a century ago, in an era that also underwent massive change.

For our society, heading towards more unpredictable, more chaotic innovation requires more flexibility in our politics and pourquoi perdons-nous du poids si lentement laws.

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Because of its impact on society, innovation forces us to question our assumptions: which social objectives are we pursuing? In which way does innovation contribute to the achievement of these objectives, or does not? If innovation upends existing structures, are there other means for society to realize its socio-political aims, besides the traditional solutions enshrined in our laws and institutions?

Public authorities must also be willing to innovate.

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Innovation, we are told, is unleashed at such a fever pace that it sends our societies rushing into the unknown, into a world that bears no resemblance to the one where previous generations lived. Some see this as a good thing, others are far less enthusiastic. At the end of the line, it comes as no surprise that innovation flourishes in dynamic societies.

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In these societies, freedom of action leaves room for innovation to blossom in all its unpredictability. Next to freedom of action, a willingness to engage into critical self-assessment allows these societies to absorb the impact of innovation while continuing to pursue their policy objectives.

The city of Montreal, and its region, stand out among these dynamic societies, as this book shows. May they remain an innovation hotbed for the longest time! In reality, innovation is far more rooted into our society than these commentators want to believe. Innovation cannot be reduced to a disembodied technological phenomenon, that would systematically upturn and overcome every obstacle in its wake.

For sure, innovation starts with an invention, a new idea, which can be of a technical, commercial, organisational or social nature.

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That invention means nothing, however, if it is not diffused within our society, if it is not adopted by individuals and organizations that find it beneficial. Only then can we speak of innovation. Innovation is therefore a fundamentally social phenomenon. What we are experiencing today, following the advent of the Internet and the boom in the digital economy, comes down to a democratization of innovation. The converged IT sector offers www.

À preuve, la jeune entreprise née au laboratoire du professeur Thomas Szkopek de McGill. Just as truly creative research happens when ideas cross-pollinate between disciplines, the technologies developed at McGill are applied to a variety of problems, benefitting society in numerous ways.

When Szkopek began researching graphene oxide, a 21st century material, he did so with the hope of contributing significantly to energy storage technology. That is until a student in his lab, Peter Gaskell, asked an intriguing question: could the properties of graphene oxide create the ideal conditions for professional, high-quality sound, clear of distortion across the entire band of human hearing?

McGill is committed to ensuring that our researchers, like those who led the way to the creation of Ora Graphene Audio, have the time, space, and flexibility they need to keep their eyes-and-ears-open for unexpected opportunities.

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Les défis sociaux, environnementaux, et économiques aux échelles locales et planétaires exigent des découvertes issues de diverses disciplines. Il était loin de penser que son travail mènerait à une technologie audio de pointe, sous forme des premiers écouteurs au graphène au monde.

The QI is now home to an evolving project, the first of its kind in Canada: the greatest open-air laboratory for smart living LabVi. We are working with several large companies, small businesses, start-ups, incubators and business accelerators to offer the cream of the crop in the field.

La moitié des habitants de Montréal ont moins de 39 ans selon les dernières statistiques.

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Un chiffre en partie dû aux quelque étudiants, provenant de 11 universités, qui évoluent en son sein. In the entrepreneurship world, a paradigm shift is also taking place among younger generations, who are taking risks and innovating fearlessly. The excitement can be felt all over the city, and the reason is very simple: it offers great quality of life. The cost of living is very low compared to other Canadian metropolitan centres, services are offered in French and in English, and the ambiance is unique, combining European perdre du poids 10kg with a North American feel.

Cette effervescence se fait sentir partout. Le QI ne fait pas exception à la règle. The QI is no exception — this lively neighbourhood reflects each individual contributing to its growth.

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Email: info quartierinnovationmontreal. Parmi les autres projets stimulants on retrouve un magasin-laboratoire universitaire expérimental de consommation écoresponsable qui examine le comportement des consommateurs. Fostering entrepreneurship and social impact innovation, the University believes in the concerted ability of social actors to bring about change in response to issues as they arise. It is a true prototype of the city of the future.

Social issues of artificial intelligence AI HumanIA, another proud achievement of UQAM, brings together researchers from various backgrounds who act as sentinels monitoring the ethical and social issues related to AI. These researchers critically reflect on human practices, especially in communication, education and law, to ensure a harmonious appropriation of AI and to guard against any ethical drift.

Building knowledge together Like many other universities, UQAM places a premium on partnerships, including those directly connected to the society.

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For nearly 50 years, UQAM has been working directly with communities. Working in partnership, QI and UQAM organized the Montreal Summit on Innovation, in collaboration with C2 Montréal, a worldclass event that brings together entrepreneurs, university researchers and other key actors in the field of social innovation to observe the trends and changes of tomorrow. UQAM is widely Comment Sky Landish a-t-il perdu du poids as a leader in social impact action research, one whose expertise is called upon globally.

Through its Service aux collectivités, UQAM supports both researchers and community members in the development and implementation of Comment Sky Landish a-t-il perdu du poids projects that enable us to build knowledge together.