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Un hommage à la culture afro-brésilienne : «Sambas-enredos», de Ana Guanabara

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Il est intéressant de noter que la période de publications de ces écrits coïncide curieusement avec des événements politiques de grande importance, servant ainsi des ambitions plus ou moins voilées.

It relies on four laboratory specialized both on the soil-plant-atmosphere interface, and on the atmospheric chemistry.

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Methodology used bear on a set of in situ and laboratory measurements aiming at improving existing emission parameterization, or building new ones for the agro-ecosystems encountered in France or Europe. In situ measurements allowed to study the emission phenology in relation with relevant environmental parameters meteorological, soil characteristics, and agricultural. Laboratory measurements allowed to establish an emission algorithm related to the three main parameters, that is, soil temperature, water and ammonia content.

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This algorithm has been adapted and simplified to spatialize the emissions at the France level. This spatialization was performed using environmental parameters eco slim colombe si compra through data base ECMWF or agricultural statistics such as nitrogen inputs, land use, crops.

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Spatial and temporal extrapolation allowed reaching the main objective, that is, to build a national inventory for a reference year This inventory allowed determining the contribution of NOx emitted by soil as compared to total emitted NOx, and the proportion of NOx emitted by soil due to fertilizer use.

We found that NOx emissions from soil would be of minor importance when compared to the industrial emissions, being a factor of ten lower in France. Download PDF New website will help record vital life events to improve access to services for all.

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