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perte de poids stafford tx
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Career[ edit ] Mahfood began boxing professionally July 27,knocking out Jeanne Martinez in the first round, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On April 23,she beat Brenda Cooper by a four round decision in Houstonmarking her Texas debut.

Компьютер, как в Олвин, понимал, что, какое бы решение ни принял сейчас Совет, оно не будет иметь ровно никакого значения. Будущее совершенно ускользнуло из-под контроля Совета в тот самый миг, когда он, в своем неведении, решил, что благополучно справился с кризисом, порожденным ненасытной любознательностью Олвина. И Олвин совсем не испытывал чувства превосходства и блаженного предвкушения приближающегося триумфа, когда глядел на этих не слишком умных, стареющих мужчин, считающих себя правителями Диаспара. Ведь он-то видел реального хозяина города и даже беседовал с ним в торжественной тишине его блистающего подземного мира.

She lost two of her next three fights, but she rebounded to win five fights in a row, which earned her first title try: on September 17,she knocked out Kathy Rivers in ten rounds at Panama City, Panamato conquer the WIBF 's world Light Heavyweight title. This was also her first fight abroad.

perte de poids stafford tx

She won her second title, with a perte de poids stafford tx round knockout of Almager in Houston. On her next fight, she became the first boxer to defeat Ann Wolfeknocking her out in three rounds.

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And till this day it stands as Ann Wolfe's only career loss. On November 16,she won the WIBA title by outpointing Trina Ortegon over ten rounds at Austinand, shortly after, she beat Almager again, by an eight round split decision.

perte de poids stafford tx

Mahfood lost by TKO in six while trying to recover her world title. Ali, however, suffered a serious cut to her right eyelid for the first and to ibc minceur, only time in her boxing career along with a bloodied nose.

Ali retains a permanent scar from the encounter.

perte de poids stafford tx

She won four of her next six fights, the lone loss in that span being a unanimous decision in a rematch against Wolfe. She also had a draw tie against Kathy Rivers, in a rematch of their Panama bout which Mahfood had won.

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On September 24,Mahfood, sporting her traditional trademark purple Mohawk hairstylewas dropped twice in the final seconds as she dropped a ten round unanimous decision to Leatitia Robinson in Atlanta, Georgia. Mahfood then went to Germany, and lost a 10 round unanimous decision to Natasha Ragosina.


Mahfood has a record of 19 wins, 14 losses and 1 draw, with nine knockout wins. Professional boxing record[ edit ].

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